Wang Fu Service Apartment

Located in Foshan, WangFuJin 200,000sm mix use development. The service apartments provide green modern living in vertical height. 12m high sky gardens provide communal spaces and breakout for the 6m height duplex units. Views and cross natural ventilation are optimized for all units. The concept behind the complex was to explore the ideas of how low-rise houses can be applied in an urban site to create outdoor-indoor spaces in the sky. The high rise towers incorporate outdoor spaces, balcony, entrance garden and sky terraces, which take advantage of the year round moderate climate. The staggered arrangement of the duplex units allows for cross ventilation and better daylight penetration, enhance the gentle breeze by funneling them along the corridors and unit interior. The green terraces provide an interlocking external spaces for the urban living, also becomes the statement of the project towards the city street wall.

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