Time Space Continuum

Sport encompasses the whole person development. It is not surprising to claim that sport competition and ancient Socratic philosophy both aim at virtue and human excellence. They share similarities such as knowledge seeking, questioning and challenging of oneself. Time and Space are the two fundamental paradigms of all sport racing. In our artwork ‘Time Space Continuum’, we will raise public’s curiosity and questions towards these two distinct concepts. What is Time? Is Time physical or psychological? Is Time absolute or relative? Is Time an illusion? Is Time dividable? Is Space Time composed of multiple frozen moments ‘time slices’? 體育可以促進全人發展。體育也是一門科學,可以追溯可不希臘時期。體育和古代蘇格拉底哲學理論一樣,彼此都有尋求自我,挑戰自我和追求知識的相同理念,目的為追求卓越及人類的美德 。我們的作品也如體育活動一樣,鼓勵參與及互動。 時間和空間,是體育比賽的兩個基本元素,同時也是比較抽象的物理及哲學概念。我們希望透過作品“瞬.間.時.空”,令大家對時間和空間產生好奇及探討。什麼是時間?時間是物理的,還是心理的?對時間的感受是絕對的,還是相對的?時間真的是不可逆的嗎?時間有開始和結束嗎?這些問題似乎都是物理或天文的問題,但哲學作為世界觀的理論無法避免對世界上最基本的一個現象——時間,做類似的考慮。

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