This detour machine, tranquil and vast in itself, was meant to associate people back to their time and surroundings. The numerous layers of threads stretching across the river created a huge textile landscape. This machine was designed to reconstruct the sensibility of people - Take a pause and discover the momentum of the place. There was no defined path, no definite form. It would be always an ambiguous piece of memory in people’s mind, so hard to be described, so hard to be expressed, but authentically reflected on the core value of the city. It was just timeless to be experienced and to get connected with. That is what we call an ‘Iconic Bridge for People’. 縱橫交錯的線編織出一片網絡,化成橋連接著河的兩岸。這裏沒有特定的道路和形態,也無法用任何言語表達或說明空間,殘存於腦海裏的只有含糊的零碎片段,因為這橋的存在並不是要去引導人們該怎麼走,而是人們透過自己的想法、習慣、文化去開拓出道路和營造出空間。這確確實實地在反映著城市的核心價值。暫停,重組,讓感官發現空間的瞬間。每一刻每一角也能體會不同的經歷和感受,值得被一再探索與回味。

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