Night Kaleidoscope

At day time, sunlight casts shadows. Without shadow, we cannot perceive the beauty of our city. At night time, city spaces embrace us with ellipses of projected light, glowing curtain wall facades and overwhelming illuminated signages. Our City is over-illuminated by light pollution. Without dark shadow at night, the beauty of natural night sky cannot be appreciated. This design, is to create a tranquil space, a journey through shadow to bring people away from the hustle and bustle world. The senses are isolated. From this moment, visitors can solely enjoy the light from dark sky, the light reflection on the Harbour, and sound from waves hitting the concrete coast. The experience is to seek and find yourself, to understand the true beauty of city, and the long-missing starry sky. 白天,陽光照耀建築物投射出影子,影子從而勾畫出建築物的輪廓,在光影下我們感受到城市的美態。晚上,城市在黑暗中以不同的形態產生光。大街小巷的霓虹燈和高聳入雲的玻璃幕牆讓我們的城市在黑夜這個大銀幕中閃閃生輝,但同時城市的光造成嚴重的光污染。光污染削弱了夜空與星光的光暗對比,令美麗的自然星空續漸被遺忘。 在這項目裏,人可以透過在恬靜的空間中探索黑暗,暫時遠離煩囂和目眩的世界;也可以透過在隔離的空間中釋放感官,慢慢享受黑夜帶來的星空、欣賞在黑暗中映照在海港的城市和細心聆聽拍打著堤岸的海浪聲。從這刻時間開始,我們重新探索、釋放和了解自己,學會明白城市的美,和珍惜久被遺忘的星空。

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