Linking Forest

Forest, a proofed ecosystem is taken as a sustainable model to redefine an infrastructural ground into a self-regulating and supporting food web layers that circulates the waste and resources from both sites and transforms them into one coherent landscape and architectural system. Building roof is designed as a modular system of various components that respond specifically to light and wind for the program underneath, and resulted in  biomimetics foliage structure that create the sense of forest.  Forest, also as a metaphor in this project to also address the new definition of cities boundaries between HK and SZ as a more permeable and dissolved interface rather than a clean cutting edge. 森林—生態系統無疑是個可持續發展的模式,它重新界定自我調節和支持糧食網絡層,雙方的廢物和資源被轉化成協同的景觀和建築系統。屋面設計使用組件系統,各組件因應覆蓋之功能回應光和風,這模擬生物的原理彷如樹葉結構,營造森林的感覺。車道面導致雨水逕流,過多的車輛釋放二氧化碳到大氣中。 森林—亦作為這項目的比喻,它把香港與深圳間的邊界重新定義成具滲透性的界面,而不是一個明確的分割線。人們通過這聯檢大樓應該像穿過樹林,可以享受清澈的流水、和煦的陽光及清爽的微風。

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