In–between Everyday

The library is designed as a Big Living Room, exists in-between our everyday life. It should be a 24-hr meeting place for people to exchange ideas, information and knowledge via multiple kinds of media. To support this idea, the library is built up by a series of permeable frames of walls looping one another, which dissolve the whole building from inside to outside, and outside to inside. Multiple edges of walls create in-between spaces weaving people in and out. Different sizes of openings form a range of opacity for both physical and visual connection and separation. As a result, navigating “through” the walls, people can experience 3-dimensionally not only the library itself, but actually the whole context it situated in as part of their everyday life. 圖書館是城市中的大型客廳,就在我和你的生活之間。這是一個二十四小時的開放的場所,通過不同類型的媒體,激活在思想,訊息和知識不同層面上的交流。這項目與一般的圖書館不同,構成它的牆不再是厚厚實實的,而是通通透透有著大大小小的開口,它能分隔同時亦連接著空間。空間相互滲透,人們穿梭其中。牆身為牆本身的意義逐漸變得模糊,但卻能隨時隨地讓大眾從城市中聚集和透過不同媒體交流。人們體驗的不僅是圖書館的三維空間,實際上它已成為社區裡從白晝至晚上不可缺少的生活一部分。

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