Eco Terrace House

Location: Hong Kong Project size: 250 sm Materials: Concrete, corten steel, wood Design team: Larry Tsoi, Philip Kwong Project team: Keith Yee, Carrie Yau, Carmen Chow Eco terrace house, a living with the nature. The house is built on the hillside terraces overlooks the panoramic mountain and sea view. It has a private living yet is continually open to its surrounded horizon by connecting the living room seamlessly with the front yard and back yard. The green roof terrace provides passive cooling and a buffered veranda space from indoor to outdoor and frames the courtyard landscape into the interior living space. The layout is divided into four areas: a social space with living room connected to open kitchen and dining area, which access to the patios through covered terraces; a working studio, which sets in the middle level, looking out to the green roof horizon and visually connected to the dining area through a void opening on the slab; a resting space on the top floor with balcony; the house backdrop brightly lit by the skylight, which is a 10m tall vertical showcase wall combined with staircase design to connect the movement vertically up to the roof garden. It is a circulation space, also anticipate daily events to unfold and take place. The house is an intervention of natural landscape, it is a pure space sets within natural spaces. 位置:香港 規模:250 sm 材料:混礙土、鏽 鋼、木 設計團隊:Larry Tsoi, Philip Kwong 項目團隊:Keith Yee, Carrie Yau, Carmen Chow 綠意山房,栖自然之中,環綠意而居。 綠意山房是一座落在自然中的房子,栖於山峰之上,俯瞰壯闊海灣景觀,環抱綠色生活。 私密的居住空間向外打開,平面空間無縫與前院後院結合,与自然融为一體。綠化屋頂陽台為房子降溫並 提供了室內外的過渡,同時能透過框景,把景觀帶進室內生活空間。 空間佈局共分為四個部分:公共空間包括起居廳連接飯廳和開放式廚房,均可透過陽臺連接前後院。工作室,位于中間層,可以欣賞屋頂綠化,同時利用樓板的挑空,能和飯廳互動。位于頂層的睡房,踏出露台便可飽覽山海景色。房子的背幕,是貫穿上下各層藏書閣,結合樓梯的設計穿越垂直空間,上下連接整座房子,並透過天窗把陽光照射到室內。既是交通動線,又能成為起居生活的一部份。 我們希望這房子,是自然,人與空間的完美結合。栖自然之中,環綠意而居。

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