Eco Splines

Eco Splines‧Inverted Forest Humans have been looking at nature for answers to both complex and simple problems since our existence. We took a biomimetic approach, by examination of Nature model of a Forest, to emulate design solutions from its systems, processes, and elements in order to solve the specific problems related to the nonsenses from traffics. For example, biodiversity, wind resistance, harnessing solar energy, rainwater management, etc. The design took form of inverted forest in section that parasite on highway system. A rational structural grid juxtapose with responsive silhouette to visualize the noisescape in relation to the neighborhood. The roots branches mitigate noise and pollutants from above, a lush green canopy redefine the residual space underneath for public’s leisure and events. It indeed suggests a new visionary typology for future highway systems. 「物競天擇,適者生存」是聚所周知的自然定律。而人類亦能借助自然的力量解決問題:如生物多樣性、風阻、太陽能發電和雨水管理等。然而當森林逆插在公路,公路取代大地成為森林的支柱。樹根向天空伸展形成隔音屏,樹冠向下方生長為公路下的剩餘空間帶來新定義。到底是建築在模仿自然的生態系統,還是自然為了在「石屎森林」中生存而作出了妥協?

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